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OpenStack-powered Cloud built on hyper converged infrastructure with instant deployment and scaling. It provides a complete virtual datacenter experience with a user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring your compute, storage, and network resources.
Exceptional security is achieved by the complete tenants’ isolation and network segmentation, while high redundancy ensures no service interruptions.
Additional resources are instantly available on an hourly-rated or fixed monthly fee basis. This enables ease of expansion and forecasting of your cloud expenses.

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Why Sharktech Cloud?

We help our clients to lose the ‘Golden Handcuffs’. Our Open Standard-based cloud does not lock companies in, and on average, our partners save 55.95% compared to hyperscalers.

Our business is human-driven – we’re not a vending machine. When our clients need us, we make ourselves available, whether it is a technical, commercial, or business development question. This means that on top of having unlimited tickets, you’ll have a phone number to call, and a person on the other side will answer. It’s of utmost priority for us to talk to and understand our clients and ensure they have everything they need for growth and success

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Fully redundant, load-balanced infrastructure with no single point of failure.

24/7 Support

Any time, any day, our team will help with any issues or questions you may have.

Enterprise-grade Data Centers

Each of our facilities (Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Amsterdam) maintain the highest quality and security standards.

Dynamic Plans

Dynamic is a Pay-As-You-Go model where, on top of your plan, you always have access to extra on-demand resources that are billed hourly.

Fixed Plans

Fixed comes with a set amount of resources for a fixed fee. It makes forecasting easy, and the plan can always be upgraded to a higher tier for more resource availability.

Cloud Advantage

The biggest benefits cloud advantages are high availability, redundancy, flexibility, and instant resource deployment.

Sharktech Cloud is powered by dozens of physical servers connected through a high-speed local network. Together, they create a multi-redundant cluster with each VM’s data existing on multiple nodes simultaneously. Even if individual hardware modules or entire servers fail, VM states are restored on the functioning nodes within milliseconds without reboot or interruption. This guarantees that the workloads remain unaffected and 100% functional.

The Cloud technology utilized by Sharktech is Open Standard-based, meaning that if you need to move your data or integrate your environment with an external system, no proprietary technologies or standards would prevent you from doing it.

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What’s the Right Plan For You?

We cater to businesses of any size and requirements. Whether data storage, high-performance compute, or a combination of these is what you’re after, we can help configure a setup to match your needs.

Reach out to us and let our experts craft a customized plan for your business objectives. Our team will be there with you at every step of the way, ensuring seamless implementation and ongoing assistance.

We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on the core of your business.

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Contact our team, and we will analyze your requirements to help you find what best fits your business. We will provide technical, business, and cost optimization consultancy regardless of your final choice.

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Sharktech Cloud Hosting FAQ

Why would I use Sharktech Cloud over big names like AWS, Azure, or GCP?

Big Cloud is an excellent fit for large enterprises with sizable IT teams capable of navigating the complexities of hyperscalers’ offerings. In most cases, cost-effectiveness with hyperscalers is only achieved at very high consumption volumes.

Sharktech Cloud was designed and built for small and medium enterprises that may not necessarily have dozens of IT experts on their payroll. In addition to our infrastructure solutions, we provide our partners with consultancy and continuous support to ensure they effectively use our solutions and achieve their goals. We don’t spend billions of dollars on marketing, which allows us to lower our cloud costs to a level where our partners don’t have to worry about each invoice. Thanks to the Open Standard nature of our technology stack, nothing is preventing you
from moving your data in or out.

Sharktech Cloud provides access to your resources via a simple yet powerful user interface. You can use it to create VMs, virtual networks, storage volumes, and various other components of modern infrastructure. It includes built-in workload monitoring and identity management functionalities. More advanced and remote management is also available via the OpenStack API.

Sharktech Cloud does not require an upfront investment or a large commitment, and as your consumption grows, the cost of your resources goes down.

On-premise infrastructure may be more advantageous for large corporations that own their data centers and can achieve savings through economies of scale. In all other cases, Sharktech Cloud remains a very cost-effective solution.

Sharktech Cloud provides you with exclusive and secure access to your environment that is completely isolated from other cloud users. Your cloud control panel also allows you to manage networks and system security measures to strengthen your environment’s protection.

All Sharktech Cloud solutions have multiple levels of redundancy where no individual hardware module failures affect system’s availability. And the Sharktech team timely maintains the infrastructure, ensuring excellent reliability.

Dynamic and Fixed plans both provide organizations with fully isolated and secure cloud environments and the same high-quality service. The difference lies in the billing models. Dynamic uses a Pay-As-You-Go model where it is possible to exceed resource limits at any time, and the overages are charged hourly.

Fixed offers a flat fee for a set amount of compute, storage, and networking resources that cannot be exceeded, but your plan can always be upgraded to a higher tier for more resource availability.

Dedicated Servers provide businesses full access to the physical hardware but demand significantly more administrative effort. Cloud offers a similar level of isolation and control over the resources but comes with a powerful and flexible control panel and requires considerably less management overhead.

All Sharktech Cloud solutions have a redundant multi-40G connection to the internet. Additionally, they are protected from DDoS attacks for up to 1000 Gbps / 1400 Mpps.

You can upload your own OS images in the cloud interface.

Yes, you can manage all aspects of the system via OpenStack API.